Wishniak LLC helps small businesses and individuals with affordable technology products and services. Look to Wishniak, LLC for your online presence needs.

Wishniak, LLC

Wishniak, LLC is all about helping small businesses and individuals to succeed by providing affordable technology products and services.

Today's challenging economic climate demands nothing less than pinpoint focus on your core competencies. Whether it's delighting your customers or simply managing your personal online presence, neglect Neglecting technology is dangerous! isn't only wasteful - it's dangerous!

Small business carries the weight of the world. As a small business owner, you know that technology management competes for an ever-growing segment of your attention. Wishniak, LLC offers general consultative services as well as project and resource management, vendor relationship management, custom data analysis, programming and more.

Individuals and homeowners are being called upon to manage equipment that only a short time ago required a skilled Home, sweet home. IT department to administer. Security and privacy are serious concerns and mistakes can have costly consequences. One in five are victims of identity theft today and chances are very good that someone you know is among them. Wishniak, LLC offers the consultation and education to help you understand and meet these challenges.

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Everyone needs an online presence. Your business must be on the Web to be ready for your customers when they need you. Individuals increasingly rely upon online products and services to enhance their social and professional lives. Sure, you can carve out Connect with the world. your space on the service-du-jour, but in order to exercise complete control over your content you must own your domain. The convenience of a permanent email address alone is well worth the cost if you change service providers just once. From obtaining your domain to customized hosting to fit every budget, from shared hosting to dedicated servers to cloud services, Wishniak, LLC has it all!

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